Friday, 13 April 2012

Other Stuff Besides Politics

Besides following the current election which has turned out to be VERY interesting, I've been pretty absent from this blog due to cramming for finals and final projects. My last day of classes EVER is tomorrow! My Easter weekend was spent watching movies and mostly being studious, peppered with a few social encounters with friends and going to a dinner party. There's really nothing nicer than someone having you over for dinner! Home-cooked meals and good conversation are my absolute favourite thing. In the past ten days I have gone out to a few functions though, a few around town as well as the U of A. Two art shows, one fundraiser.

Thursday of last week was super fun. Megana escorted me to the exhibition opening of a Chinese art exhibition curated by a few friends. Afterwards we went for dinner, met up with our lads Brett and Jeremy (Breremy) and then went out dancing at Mod Night 
I love this dress! Definitely going to do an outfit post with it soon. 
Mango-lychee parfaits! Definitely the best part of all exhibition openings is the free food.
The exhibition was small but very interesting. One of the pieces in the collection was worth $26 million! 

Meg sleeping on the floor. 

Not one, but TWO breakfasts. My kind of gal. 

Brett and Jeremy.

Out at the new Common, a bar I love. The new location is AMAZING. 

My fat cat. 

My crinkly dad. 

I am looking forward to this weekend, my friend Colin is coming up from Calgary for a couple of days. It's his birthday soon so we are going out for Indian food and then out to celebrate. Can't wait to see him actually! Always positive and refreshing.

Otherwise I have just been lying low and chilling out. I am going to take a CELTA teaching English to adults course as it pays heaps and is internationally flexible. So I may be going to Calgary for a month to take the class or take it when I am back in the UK. If I am sick of London by 2013 I am going to apply for the JET programme and potentially move to Japan! Japan was my first overseas visit when I was seventeen, and I love it! And if my friend Ehren is still living in Seoul I'll have an excellent excuse to visit Korea.

In other travel-related news, I may be heading back to London a lot sooner than expected. I've found some crazy good seat sales, and frankly I am beyond reading to pack up and move on. I could be gone as early as a month from now! To keep things like and frothy, I am just at my wits end here. I love my hometown, I love my university and the Old Strathcona community where I am from in Edmonton. Edmonton is a vibrant, artistic city with heaps of potential and creative ventures that just keep burgeoning. But I am tired of how interconnected "The Scene" is, everyone knows everyone. I am tired of the drama that I never seem to escape, and I am tired of fair-weather friends. I have dealt with so many crazies over the past years that the last thing I need is more people picking me up and dropping me at their convenience. Friendships and relationships are all about compromise and I am tired of being the only one who compromises or makes an effort. And so I just feel ready to go. I am tired, spent, and fed-up.  I don't think I'll ever appreciate it here, or heal, until I am gone for a while from this place. I was hoping to stay here for the summer and move at the end of August, but the idea of perpetually chasing people down doesn't really appeal to me. Besides my family, there are few people in Edmonton who I feel really see or appreciate me - the burden of staying where you grew up perhaps? Everyone feels like they know you without really knowing you, you know? A feeling I want to escape. At least for a while. So I may be gone way sooner than I thought. I had all these plans and courses I was going to take. Fuck it. I'll just throw myself into the vicious sea that is the Big Smoke. At least I know what to expect! If I can make it in London I can make it anywhere. I'll sacrifice well paying jobs and quality of life for the sky-high rents, low quality of life, recession, and shit paying jobs to be back somewhere that inspires me so. Even just for six months or a year even. I'll really, really miss my family though. This is me Moving Away. Moving Out. Not just leaving for a few months. I am not sure if I'll ever live in Edmonton again once I'm gone. Crazy. The end of an era... Anyway, apologies for the navel-gazing. I've had a really stressful, emotionally draining year and I am trying to move on from it, and be more positive. Hopefully I won't keep mentioning it.

In the words of the Jersey Shore, it is time to "do me" for a while. Exciting stuff. Nothing is official, but something will be soon... Watch this space, I could be back in London soooo soon!!!


Until next time,
Charmaine xxx


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